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The Founder

Scottish Exotic Animal Rescue was founded by Nick Martin over twenty years ago.

Nick's Story

Originally from rural New Zealand, Nick moved to Scotland as a teenager. During his childhood he developed a fascination with the natural world, especially invertebrates. He explored the New Zealand bush in search of all manner of weird and wonderful creatures: Giant Wetas, Beetles, and Centipedes - to name a few. Nick would often bring these creatures to his home and school and found that his parents, teacher and classmates often did not share his enthusiasm. Despite being forced to write "I must not bring animals to class" on the blackboard multiple times, Nick continued to pursue his interest.

As an young man, Nick studied Entomology and Herpetology before traveling to study exotic creatures all over the world. Unfortunately after a incident involving a sting from a Deathstalker Scorpion in Africa, he was forced to abandon his travels and move back to Scotland.

After he returned Nick began to rescue exotic pets that were in need of homes, and from there the rescue grew. Eventually becoming a registered charity in 2010.

Unfortunately, due to his deteriorating health, Nick was forced to retire from the charity in 2023. However the charity will continue his work.

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