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Meet Nick Martin

The charity was founded by Nick Martin who is currently Chair of our Board of Trustees.

Nick was born and raised in the countryside of New Zealand and as teenager moved to Scotland but has travelled the world in search of all new creepy crawlies.


Nick has always had a passion for all things nature.  His whole childhood was pretty much spent out in the bush finding all sorts of weird and wonderful creatures from Giant Weta's to Hu Hu Beetles and centipedes.  He used to bring home all sorts from his adventures (much to his parents horror!)  Thankfully they didn't know about the secret mini zoo of creatures he had managed to collect that lived under his bed!  He also used to take his little critters to school and sometimes they escaped. Unfortunately the teachers and others in the class did not share Nick's passion so there would be plenty of screams!  This meant he spent many a lunch time writing lines on the blackboard saying "I must not bring animals to class". Looking back now Nick feels it was still worth it.

Nick has always had a great passion for all the weird and wonderful creatures the world has to offer. The exotic animal trade has increased rapidly over a number of years and unfortunately now, more than ever, more of these amazing creatures are being neglected and abused.  Nick's aim is to help as many of these cases as possible, but to also educate the public on how to care for these specialist animals.

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