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The Charity

The rescue was founded by Nick Martin over twenty years ago as "Creatures Great and Small". Since it's founding the rescue continued to grow due to Nick and volunteers hard work, becoming a registered charity under our current name "Scottish Exotic Animal Rescue" in 2010.

We have been based in multiple locations in and around Inverness over those twenty years, moving as we grew. Currently the rescue is based at 10 Harbour Street in Nairn near Inverness.

The Charity is managed by a board of trustees and nearly all of our staff are volunteers. Although a small charity, we are the only exotic rescue in Scotland and take animals from all over the country. We take in Reptiles, Amphibians, and Invertebrates from a variety of sources: including private keepers, the police and the SSPCA

We rely on primarily on donations to fund the day-to-day running of the charity, alongside funds raised from visits to our rescue centre. We also attend birthday parties, schools and other events with our animals.


Our Mission

The charities primary purpose is the rescue and re-homing of exotic pets. Mainly Reptiles, Amphibians and Invertebrates.

Another of our main goals is to educate members of the public, especially the next generation, about these often misunderstood creatures. These animals are fascinating, and many can good pets provided proper research and care. However some have complex care requirements, and can be unsuitable as pets in many cases. Through education we hope to reduce the number of these animals that suffer neglect, abandonment or improper care.

In helping these animals we also hope to help our local community. We offer volunteering and work experience opportunities to young people to build their confidence and skill-sets, especially for those who aim to work in related fields, such as veterinary and animal care students.

Sometimes our we take on volunteers that have struggled with their confidence and mental health. Often volunteering allows them to leverage their interest in these animals as an aid to manage these issues.

Our Vision

As a small rescue charity with limited space to help exotic pets our aim will always be to expand our ability to take in animals in need.

This, coupled with our education and outreach efforts hopefully reducing the numbers of animals in need of rescue, will hopefully lead to us being to accommodate all animals in need of assistance.

The exotic pet trade is growing, in Scotland, and across the UK. We aim make sure that there is adequate provision for the welfare of these animals within Scotland.

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